FREE Children’s Mental Health Screenings in October

Grief, anxiety, sadness, irritability, insomnia. As adults, we experience these states from time to time. Chances are that if you are coping with a difficulty, your child is too. We all hit bumps on the road of life. Some will be minor inconveniences, others will be life changing. Children will often experience the stresses of life with you, and may have difficulty coping with it.

Children change as they grow and develop. Seeking help can be a difficult step for parents and guardians to take, especially when the symptoms are difficult to spot. Parents are often unsure if the child is going through a phase or left to wonder if something more serious is at hand.

Give Yurk Counseling Services a call today to take advantage of free mental health screenings at 920-287-0406. We can help keep your child healthy and provide services if further treatment is needed. We proudly offer these caring, compassionate, and professional assessments at no cost to you.

Blessings for happy and healthy kids,


Tara Taylor, MA, LPC-IT