Work-Life Balance


Recently I presented “Achieving Work-Life Balance” to introduce the fall season of the Sheboygan County Chamber’s Focal Point series. The focus was on the following 5 principles of balance:

  • Values–From your core values to those day to day, living your values drives how you spend your time, your life.
  • Self-care–Personal needs like physical, emotional, and social needs are part of good balance.
  • Time Management–Good time management is a reflection of what you value in life.
  • Fulfillment–Getting the important things done isn’t enough. Work-life balance means you are happy and fulfilled.
  • Movement–Balance is fluid. Balance needs attention and adjustments.

Business leaders, see this article about leading the way to Work-Life Balance in your organization. You can also contact Yurk Counseling Services for information about our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

For help achieving balance in your life, contact Yurk Counseling Services. We have counseling or life coaching services to help you.



Wendy Yurk
Wendy Yurk, MS, LPC