What’s Your Coronavirus Routine?

Life has become so unpredictable in the face of coronavirus . . . or is it just too predictable, day after day? Establishing some routine helps you and your family find balance, gives you some structure, but can allow for flexibility. In the face of disruption and chaos, routine keeps you maintain some control. It helps you know what’s coming next, so you don’t have to constantly think about what to do. Routine helps you prioritize the things that are good for you, and can veer you away from bad habits that are tempting in moments of anxiety.

Tips for your routine:

  • Get up in the morning at about the same time each day. Skip the alarm if you can, and let your body guide you.
  • Have a little morning ritual to start you off on the right track: a cup of tea or coffee, watching the sun rise, catching up on the news or social media, a chapter or two in a good book, yoga, a few chores, conversation with your partner, etc.
  • Establish consistent times meals. Take the time to prepare healthy and delicious foods.
  • If you’re working (school work counts), keep work hours fairly consistent, allowing time for restorative breaks.
  • Make physical activity a part of each day. It’s proven to relieve stress.
  • Get outdoors to experience nature. Another proven stress reducer.
  • Read a good book. Time will fly.
  • Try something new. Experiment with cooking, take up hiking, or pick up some art supplies.
  • Practice self care, including time to yourself. Like they say on the airplane (remember those?), put your own oxygen mask on first.
  • Stay in touch with other people. You can maintain social distance to chat with your neighbors or be friendly to people you see running errands. Use the technology that’s available, even if it’s new and feels a little weird.
  • Have some fun! Enough said.
  • Go to bed at about the same time each night after a little ritual to help you wind down. It sets the stage for sound sleep and good mental health.
  • Use extra time in your day to pace yourself and practice mindfulness. Be present, pay attention. This instills calm.
  • Include the family in the daily routine. For many, this is a time when families can enjoy more time together. Allow for some separation though, so you don’t get on each other’s nerves!

I hope these tips offer you guidance in this difficult time. Call Yurk Counseling Services today if you need help and support. YCS is offering teletherapy options during this time of social distancing.

Be healthy and safe,

Wendy Yurk
Wendy Yurk, MS, LPC