Employee Assistance Program

Geared for micro- or small businesses, the following employee assistance services are available to Employers on a fee-for-service or contracted basis. Please contact YCS for more information.

Supervisory Referrals:

Confidential assessment and recommendations.

  • Formal — For job performance or conduct problems. Compliance may or may not be required depending on supervisory expectations.
  • Mandatory — For terminable offenses, the Employee is required to attend and to comply with all recommendations. Compliance information will be shared with the Employer with the Employee’s permission.


Confidential assistance, counseling, and referrals for the Employee or the Employee’s dependents with personal or work-related problems. Off-site.

  • Assessment and Recommendations (1-3 sessions).
  • Short Term Problem Resolution (up to 8 total sessions including Assessment and Recommendations) – For specific, well-defined problems, subject to the Counselor’s recommendation.

Training Seminars:

On-site training for Management or Staff, or for personal enrichment. Topics include stress management, life balance, time management, conflict resolution, communication skills, healthy relationships, workplace issues, winter blues, and more. Ask if YCS can accommodate the topic of your choosing.

Management Consultations:

Assistance for managing the troubled Employee, enhancing the work environment, and improving Employee job performance. On- or off-site.

Crisis Response:

On-site counseling, support, and referral for dealing with an Employer crisis, such as an accident, suicide, death, downsizing, business closure, and more.


From the board room to the work floor to customer satisfaction, mediation is a method of conflict resolution for workplace disputes using a trained and neutral mediator. Conducted off-site.

Orientation to EAP:

Orientation of your tailored Employee Assistance Program for Management and/or Staff. On-site.

Promotional Events:

YCS providers will attend your Health fairs, benefit fairs, and other Employer events to meet with Employees and to provide information about your Employee Assistance Program.


Support and consultation for Management and Staff meetings. On-site.