Employee Assistance Program

Geared for small businesses up to 50 employees, this program offers confidential services to help your employees deal with work-related issues and other problems they or their family members face that can effect attendance, behavior, and work performance. Our EAP services will enhance the productivity and well-being of your company and its employees. These services are available to employers on a contract or fee for service basis.

  • Employer Consultation – Assistance for managing the troubled employee, enhancing the work environment, and improving employee job performance.
  • Self-Referrals by Employee or Household Member – Confidential assistance with personal or work-related problems.

Assessment and Recommendations (1-3 sessions)

Short Term Problem Resolution (up to 8 total sessions including Assessment and Recommendations) – For specific, well-defined problems, subject to the Counselor’s recommendation.

  • Supervisory Referrals – Assessment and recommendations for an informal referral or required compliance for serious or terminable offenses.
  • Mediation – From the board room to the work floor, a method of conflict resolution for workplace disputes using a trained and neutral mediator.
  • Crisis Response – Counseling and support for dealing with an Employer crisis, such as an accident, suicide, death, downsizing, business closure, and more.
  • Orientation to YCS Contracted Services
  • Training for Supervisors/Employees/Personal Enrichment — Topics include stress management, life balance, time management, conflict resolution, communication skills, healthy relationships, workplace issues, winter blues, and more.
  • Promotional Events – Health fairs, benefit fairs, etc.
  • Meetings – Support and consultation.