Counseling and Psychotherapy:

Treatment for children (ages three and up), teens, and adults.  Modalities include individual therapy, marriage/couples counseling, family counseling, and group therapies.  We accept payment from most health insurance plans, or self-pay is an option.  Ask about our cash discount, especially if you have a high deductible health insurance plan, or if you have concerns about privacy.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP):

Geared for micro- or small businesses, the following employee assistance services are available to Employers on a fee for service or contracted basis. Please contact YCS for more information.

Free Mental Health Screenings for Children and Youth:

Screening, recommendations, and referrals available for children and teens, ages four through seventeen.


Informal method to resolve disputes with the help of a trained and neutral mediator. Available to families, landlords/tenants, roommates, neighbors, employers/employees/co-workers, businesses, students, and more. YCS provides child custody and placement mediation services for the Family Court Commissioner in Sheboygan County. Click here to access Form FA-604 of the Wisconsin Court System for requesting a modification to Custody/Placement.

Life Coaching:

Collaborative goal planning, advice, and…ervices/life-coaching to address specific projects, objectives, conditions, or transitions for the motivated client.


Wellness and mental health topics for your company or organization.  Topics include stress management, life balance, time management, conflict resolution, communication skills, healthy relationships, workplace issues, compassion fatigue, winter blues, and more.  Ask if we can accommodate the topic of your choosing. We offer a discount for not-for profit organizations.

Military and Family Life Consulting:

Counseling and psychoeducational activities for Service Members and their families to cope with the normal reactions to the stressful/adverse situations created by the military lifestyle, deployment, and reintegration.