Not Just for Olympians


A few weeks ago, I shared a great read, The Upside of Stress. The author, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., got a shout out this week on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics from a coach of the U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball team, who uses Kelly’s TED talk video How to Make Stress Your Friend to help athletes harness their anxiety into peak performance.

To celebrate the joy of watching outstanding athletes compete, Kelly recently shared an unpublished excerpt from The Upside of Stress. Read the excerpt Think Like a Champion here. This excerpt describes the work of sports psychologist Martin Turner, who teaches professional athletes how to transform threat responses into challenge responses. Turner’s advice –which applies not just to athletes, but to anyone who wants to face a challenge with courage and confidence — is a gem worth sharing.

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Wendy Yurk
Wendy Yurk, MS, LPC