New Year Gremlins

“It only took 48 hours for me to blow it. I have no will power, no self-control. I suck.”

This is how my inner dialogue started every January when I had already broken my New Year’s resolution. Those resolutions were always something rigid like no more chocolate/pop/overpriced coffee, etc. and, of course, to lose weight.

My mental conversation then turned mean girl: “Why did you make that stupid resolution anyway. You know you never have been able to do it! How dumb are you to think this year will be any different?  Why pretend? You will never be good/smart/pretty/thin enough.”

Wow, that went south fast, didn’t it? All it took last time was something like biting into a cookie and then POOF! a gremlin rears its ugly head.

Eventually I became tired of feeling bad about myself, so I stopped making New Year’s resolutions.

If you are like me, the “new year, new me” thing has you full of hope to make great changes but if you cheat, you throw in the towel right then and there. Cue the negative self-talk.  Damaging words, that when repeated enough erode your self-esteem, increase stress, and contribute to depression and general anxiety.

Your daily mental conversations are mostly on autopilot, stuffed with destructive thoughts. At first, they are subtle but over time this interference becomes louder. The gremlin is all you hear, and worse, assume is true. However, you can change your negative thought patterns and beliefs by talking with a therapist at Yurk Counseling Services LLC.

A new year is hailed as a time for a fresh start. But January 1 is just a day on a calendar.  Every single moment is a chance for a fresh start, the right time for a teeny tiny step in a positive direction; to stop listening to that gremlin. Call Yurk Counseling Services now to schedule your appointment and learn to change your self-talk.

In the meantime, I am going to finish that cookie. BRB.

Happy New Year,

Tina Gray-Siebers, MS, LPC