Musing on Gratitude this Thanksgiving

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A number of years ago I received a blank journal as a gift. Not being one prone to record my thoughts and feelings on a routine basis, I chose a topic to keep me focused on writing regularly so that the pretty book was put to good use. The topic was gratitude. So every day for one whole year, I listed three things for which I was grateful. I doubt I missed a day.

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Here is what I learned:

  • There is an abundance of gratitude in the smallest of moments.
  • Every day I found new ways to appreciate my loved ones, my surroundings, and the events of my life.
  • Some days I could hardly wait to write a wonderful thought down in my journal.
  • Other days I was determined that something good would happen.
  • Or, sometimes a little attitude adjustment is in order.
  • Focusing on what is purposeful, and shedding what is not, fosters gratitude.
  • I could find something positive in anyone or anything.
  • Even on the worst of days, there were always things for which to be to be grateful.
  • Gratitude is contagious.
  • Gratitude is good for mental health.

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I hope that all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

In gratitude,

Wendy Yurk

Wendy Yurk, MS, LPC