From Student To Intern

The field of counseling is one that appealed to me based on my desire to aid individuals in coping with life’s challenges. In school, you are presented with a variety of case studies, methods, processes, and given the tools that are supposed to prepare you for the job. However, it is at the beginning of your internship when you realize that counseling is not a job; it is a vocation. The reality of this being a life’s work and not just a job hits you the moment someone allows you to bear witness to their struggle. Prior to that moment, you were prepared to listen, analyze, and prescribe based on textbooks and coursework, but nothing short of experience can truly prepare you for the realities of counseling.

Until you start an internship, you have no true grasp of what it takes to maintain a balance between sympathy and professional objectivity, or how important it is to listen to every single word uttered by the client, ask the right questions, and derive the appropriate treatment plan. However, very quickly into the internship process, the importance of these aspects is reinforced, as well as is the deep appreciation and gratitude for the trust and faith our clients have placed upon us.

Internship forces counselors in training to face a major hurdle in the long process associated with becoming a counselor by making us answer one vital question: “Do I have what it takes to follow this vocation?” Happily for me, the answer is in the affirmative. My time as an Intern has already assured me that I have made the correct vocational choice, that my passion for the work is real, and that my calling to make a difference is genuine. My mentors at Yurk Counseling Services LLC are accomplished professionals with years of experience, and from them, I have already learned so much and been given ample opportunities to contribute. Years of training are now down to months remaining, but with the training I have received from Capella University, combined with real-world experiences and mentoring during my internship, I truly believe I will be prepared for a lifetime of service.


Ariana Anderson, Student Intern