Connecting Offline

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the more connected we are; the more lonely we feel. Despite having lots of “friends” on social media; we are sometimes left feeling lonely and isolated with very few people we can really talk to in life. Many of us have lost the skill of relating to people, socializing in person, making new friends, and engaging in small talk. What was once a normal activity can become scary and anxiety inducing for many people. It is called social anxiety and has become incredibly common as we spend less face to face time with people and more of our interactions are done online.

We’ve all had the experience of standing in a group of people using smartphones, without anyone sharing a single word with the person standing right next to them. I remember a time when this was considered amusing and people would laugh at the irony. Now it is just normal; a scene you can find anywhere, at any time.

Relationships develop the best when the interactions are in person. We can read body language, facial expressions, and make sure the person understands what we are communicating. We can project warmth and genuineness. These are hard to convey when we are communicating through text. When we talk about healthy relationships; it is important that we create opportunities to be with others face to face and strengthen social bonds.

If you are feeling anxious in social situations or find yourself avoiding social interactions; you are not alone. Yurk Counseling Services LLC can help you improve the quality of your relationships and improve feelings of loneliness and isolation. Give us a call today at 920-287-0406.


Tara Taylor, MA, LPC-IT