Movie Therapy For Your Mental Health


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Movie Therapy For Your Mental Health

Cinematherapy, also known as movie therapy or film therapy, is a fascinating approach that uses movies and films to promote emotional well-being, self-reflection, and personal growth. Let’s delve into the world of cinematherapy: What Is Cinematherapy? Cinematherapy involves intentionally selecting and watching movies with the purpose of improving mental health, enhancing self-awareness, and addressing emotional issues. It recognizes […]

The Science of Tapping

If you know me, and/or work with me, you know that I love using EFT, or tapping, as a modality-  because it is so effective! I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to reduce or eliminate the emotional distress related to your issues. For example, one of my clients had a phobia of needles and we […]

What is Tapping?

I use EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), otherwise known as “tapping”, with most of my clients and they have had some wonderful results. This article in Forbes is a pretty good explanation of this easy, holistic technique. I personally do tapping almost daily, and as a result, I have significantly less anxiety than ever before. Tapping […]

Tap Yourself Calm

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an acupressure technique that combines elements from neuroscience, psychology, and Chinese medicine and is an evidence-based treatment for PTSD, anxiety, and stress. Best of all, it is easy to do and anyone can learn it. EFT can be used for a wide array of issues such overwhelm, anger, pain, limiting […]

Covid Isn’t the Only Thing That Has Spiked

Home. It is where the heart is. It is where more of us are working. It is where most of us quarantine during a pandemic. It is supposed to be a safe place, especially now. But home is not always a safe place for 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men.  Nearly 700,000 […]

Emotions: Are You Eating Them?

Emotional eating- what is it? If you eat for reasons other than hunger, it is certainly a cue. But emotional eating is more than that. It is sometimes known as stress eating because stress will trigger your eating, though happiness, sadness, anger and other emotions also trigger your eating. Emotional eating is an unhealthy relationship […]

8 Signs of Self Sabotage

If you were raised in a home where there was disappointment- your parents were disappointed with each other; or, your parents were disappointed with you; or, you were disappointed in your parents- you may be a person who engages in self sabotage. When we are raised in an environment with disappointment, it becomes a ‘normal’ […]