A Tale of Two Happys

I am so pleased to have permission to share these poems by a teenage male client of mine, who recently intervened to save someone from a suicide attempt. He writes two poems, from the perspectives of himself and his friend. They are beautifully compassionate and insightful!


Your happy.

Your doing fine.

Your in a good place.

Your life is going well and your content.

Except that’s all just lies isn’t it?

You can say your fine,

You can smile,

But your just a fraud.

How is it that you can’t just be honest?

Why can’t you tell someone your upset?

Maybe not me,

I’m not the easiest to talk to,

But tell someone.

There are so many who would be more than willing to talk.

Someone could make you happy.

Someone could get behind the lies

Why won’t you just let them help

Why do you have to be difficult,

Make us worry,

Make us cry,

Make us hurt,

Make us feel useless when we were needed the most?

I don’t blame myself for your pain.

I blame you,

And the fact that you didn’t talk,

The fact that you thought we wouldn’t listen,

Or understand

It’s your fault.

The only person who’s brought you pain,

Is yourself

Are you happy?






Why can’t you hear me?

I’ve been calling you.

You don’t hear me.

I’ve been screaming your name!

And crying alone.

I’m hurting.

And you can’t even see me!

I need help.

But you won’t give it to me!

I need you.

But you left.

Why would you leave me alone?

Can’t you see I need help?

I’m not happy!

I don’t want to be hurt!

Please help me.

Save me from myself,

From the pain I cause me.

Just talk to me.

I’ll let you listen,

Just let me know you’re there.

But you’re not.

You say you care but do you really?

I’m alone,

I’m isolated,

I’m hurt.

You did nothing.

But I needed you to do something.

And now that I’m on my knees

I’m giving up

I’m crying

Begging for help

Are you happy?


Kind regards,

Wendy Yurk
Wendy Yurk, MS, LPC