To See or Not to See (A Therapist)

When do you go see a doctor? You know to do that when you don’t feel well, particularly if your symptoms don’t go away or get worse. But do you know when to go to a therapist? It is the same idea- when you have certain symptoms that persist and are disrupting your life, it is a good idea to get a mental health evaluation.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • anxiety
  • prolonged feelings of sadness
  • changes in sleeping/eating habits
  • excessive fear or worries
  • substance abuse
  • thoughts of suicide or self-harm
  • social withdrawal
  • difficulties coping with daily problems and activities

An evaluation takes approximately an hour and questions include the history and details of your symptoms. You and your therapist then discuss your goals and create a treatment plan. A treatment plan is a guide for accomplishing those goals and is updated regularly.

May is Mental Health Month. Remember, mental health is just as important as physical health so don’t neglect symptoms that interfere with your daily life. Therapists at Yurk Counseling Services can help you. Contact us today to schedule a mental health


Tina Gray-Siebers, MS
Tina Gray-Siebers, MS