The Upside of Stress

Drawing from groundbreaking research, Stanford psychologist and award-winning teacher Kelly McGonigal, PhD, reveals the upside of stress, and shows us exactly how to capitalize on its benefits. While most of us do everything we can to reduce or avoid stress, McGonigal shows that stress can make us stronger, smarter, and happier—if we learn how to embrace it. Through science and stories, McGonigal teaches us how life’s challenges can be a catalyst for positive action, personal growth, and compassion. The Upside of Stress is an empowering guide, revealing practical strategies for transforming anxiety into courage, isolation into connection, and adversity into meaning.


This book ranks as one of Huffington Post’s Top 10 Best Health and Fitness Books in 2015 and Greater Good’s Favorite Books of 2015.

The Upside of Stress is a perfect how-to guide for anyone who wants to tap into the biology of courage and the psychology of thriving under pressure.”—Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“McGonigal’s new book is a crucial pushback against the pervasive view that stress is a buzz and body-killer best eradicated from our lives.”—ELLE magazine

“If you’ve ever complained of being stressed out, you need to read this perceptive, thought-provoking book. The Upside of Stress will change the way you think—and it will change your experience of your life.”—Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project

Wendy Yurk

Wendy Yurk, MS, LPC