Our New Therapist



I have enjoyed working in the mental health field for over 5 years. My newest endeavor as an out patient psychotherapist has been very rewarding. Up until now my career has focused on crisis counseling and alcohol and other drug abuse counseling. With the help of Wendy Yurk my professional experience has been growing. I work with children and families, I work with teens, and I work with adults who are going through changes in their lives.

One of the amazing things about being an out patient therapist is you have the opportunity to continue to learn new techniques and strategies to help others. I get to see my clients grow in their personal and professional lives. I get to observe students learn how to deal with anxiety and stress and improve their academic performance.

I started this career because it would allow me to grow as person and as a professional. As I evolved and changed this field of work would give me the room I needed to grow. I have always loved talking and listening to other people. Stories of individuals overcoming adversity were my favorite growing up. Stories where the protagonist had the odds stacked against them and they persevered despite the challenges facing them. Now in my work I get to help others achieve the same growth in their life stories as I loved hearing as a youth. Watch the YCS Blog for one of my favorite stories, coming soon . . .

Jonathan Tyler, MA, LPC, SAC-IT