#Me Too is not just for celebrities….

It has been amazing to watch the stories come out of Hollywood about stars who suffered sexual abuse. Silence and secrets have finally been replaced by sunshine as we finally shed light on this issue. Our society has finally given a voice to many that have found the confidence to come forth and disclose their own abuse. After watching the bravery of so many others who have come forth, more and more people find the courage to come forward with their own stories of abuse.

With so many sexual abuse allegations in the spotlight; one must wonder if it occurs more commonly than thought. The answer is yes… not only in Hollywood… but in the lives of ordinary people too. It is a silent and hidden epidemic. Whether one shares their story publicly or not; the effects of sexual abuse can be devastating and persist long after the abuse has ended.

Counseling can be a good place for sexual abuse to be disclosed. Victims can begin working on ways to cope with the effects of abuse and find ways to live healthier lives. It can be intimidating to engage authorities and hold abusers accountable. A professional counselor can stand by your side and help you do just that.

Therapists at Yurk Counseling Services LLC can help people through these difficult moments. If Me Too has reignited sexual abuse issues from your past, we can help. Contact us at 920-287-0406.

Tara Taylor, MA, LPC-IT