Happy? No Pressure

It’s summer! The sun is out, you have places to go, people to see….so you should be happy, right? People often put so much pressure on themselves to be happy it makes them feel something between really stressed out and extremely anxious: both states are far from happy. But it’s that very intentional and often obsessive search for happiness that leads us in the opposite direction.

Happiness has become a phenomenon in our culture. It is a paradox however, as scientists have found the more people place importance on being happy, the more unhappy and depressed they become. In other words, the more we seek happiness the more elusive it is.

Happiness is not constant. Happiness isn’t the absence of any negative feelings; it’s being able to appreciate the good moments in your life without taking them for granted. By freeing yourself from the pressure to feel happy all the time, you might get to feel happy a lot more often.

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Tina Gray-Siebers, MS
Tina Gray-Siebers, MS, LPC-IT