Free Mental Health Screenings in October

Once again, we are offering Free Mental Health Screenings in October for children and youth, ages 4 and up. Too many children are experiencing mental health issues. Early intervention and assessment are key to avoiding long-lasting patterns of mood and behavior problems.

Please consider a screening for your child . . .

. . . if there have been changes, either gradual or sudden, in your child’s behavior or mood, or in their school performance or attendance.

. . . if your child has experienced loss or trauma—parental divorce, separation from a parent, or death of a loved one.

. . . you have considered counseling for your child, but you’re unsure

. . . for your own peace of mind.

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During the screening, you or your child will complete a questionnaire and meet with one of our experienced psychotherapists to discuss your child’s mental health and receive recommendations and/or referrals.

Call us today at 920-287-0406 to reserve a screening appointment for your child.