Anger Management Module I

We all experience anger. For some of us our anger leads to maladaptive coping practices that lead to impairments in operational functioning. Our anger response can impact our relationships, career, legal status, environment, academics, financial status, and our health. To help those struggling with the difficult challenge of distressing episodes of anger Yurk Counseling Services LLC is offering an anger management group for adults. The group will run Module 1 over the course of 4 weeks beginning the first Tuesday in February.

The group is based off of  the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Anger Management workbook.  You can find the participant workbook at the following link: SAMHSA

Benefits of participation include a self reported reduction in anger and violence as well as reduced substance abuse The program uses a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) model to help participants learn new skills to approaching tempering their anger reactions. There will be four primary CBT interventions; relaxation interventions, cognitive interventions, communication skills interventions, and the use of higher level combined interventions.  Participants will learn how to identify triggering events, recognize cues to anger and apply their intervention skills to real life stressors. Each person will develop an individualized anger control plan.

Participants are encouraged to abstain form drugs and alcohol for two weeks prior to the start of group. The treatment model is dynamic and takes into consideration racial, cultural, and gender issues.

Referrals can be made to Yurk Counseling Services LLC. Register today or ask questions by calling 920-287-0406.



Jonathan Tyler MA, LPC, SAC-IT